My main task as a photographer is to create a link with my subject. Photography has taught me deeply connect. The intimacy and connection I try to render in my pictures can only be achieved through trust and understanding. I have learned to listen with my whole being, to understand what people say as well as what they leave unsaid. A photographer must enter his model’s world but with discretion. Once trust is established, the photographer becomes invisible, and images appear.

Fashion photography is limitless. Fashion has no boundaries, no colours, no themes, no places etc. We can create the world we imagine. The aim is to highlight the model in order to promote a brand. Every element of the photo is important: the model, the clothes, the hair, the composition and even the angle.

Every wedding is different. The style of my wedding photography corresponds to the personalities of the couple being honoured. I do not consider myself a wedding photographer but rather a photographer of the bride and groom. The wedding is one of the most important stages in a couple's life. I always feel privileged when the bride and groom give me their trust. My mission is then to make an exceptional moment last in time through my photos. The photographer is one of the people who will be the most present with the bride and groom, from their preparations to the set-up. My challenge throughout the wedding is to be in the right place at the right time, while being friendly and discreet.

I really like pregnancy shoots. They are often done in the seventh or eighth month. My goal is to show that a woman can still be feminine and beautiful while pregnant. I adapt to the spirit of the shoot that the mother-to-be wants. Once the universe is created, the spontaneous and authentic photos will be the testimony before the arrival of the baby.

I started photography with film. We think about the photo, we take our time and look at what's going on around us. Once we have finished the 24 or 36 exposure film, there is a moment of waiting. Then we develop the film and that's when we discover our photos. We live in a society where everything has to go fast. Sometimes it's nice to know how to take the time. Film is the best example of this.