A passion for light

We are sometimes lucky enough to discover at en early age a passion that xill shape our whole life. As a child, I was fascinated by light. I observed and analyzed the world around me. But photography became an obvious choice when, as a teenager, I held my first analog camera. It was my grand-father’s actually, the legendary Canon AE1. Since then, this passion has never left me.

At the same time, I started making videos; This medium let me explore and develop in a deeper way my visual creativity. Video and photography are a means to express all the emotions and observations which give life its meaning. They enable us to live and perpetuate all its seemingly mundane moments. 

To me, they constitute an artist’s perspective, a way of navigating life and making discoveries every day. Besides digital photography, I like to use film : its soft grain and gentle colors are a good complement to digital photos.